Shadowbane's Helmet

In the last adventure the party was approached by Cassius Shadowbane, a High Lord of Galvynwood, with a proposition. Cassius requested the party obtain the helmet of his ancestor, Lucanus Shadowbane, from Shadowbane Crypt where Lucanus was entombed with it. Vercien, Ramiel, and Lanneus accepted the offer. Cassius assured the party they would be well compensated for their efforts. Cassius then introduced the group to Davron, a man who had been in the service of the family for some 15 years. Davron would accompany Vercien, Ramiel, and Lanneus into the Crypt. Before departing the group paid a visit to the eccentric Elvin alchemist, Nilva, where they obtained a mysterious foul smelling potion.
Once arriving at the Crypt Davron opened the door with a ring bearing the Shadowbane family sigil, a coiled snake. The group moved through the upper levels of the crypt and where confronted with a group of kobolds and trogdyltes. The creatures where quickly dispatched with a flurry of arrows from Vercien and Ramiel. Moving forward the group found a potion guarded by a stone statue. A voice from the statue informed the party that only the pure may pass. Davron, Ramiel, and Lanneus successfully passed through a magical barrier after judgement from the statue. When Vercien stepped forward the statue said he may not pass and commanded him to drink from the potion. Upon drinking the potion Vercien began writhing in pain, and became encased in dark purple flames. Then, as though possessed by some kind of force his body rose and leviatated several feet above the ground and informed the group that the shadows are returning. Vercien then regained consciousness with no recollection of the event. The group then moved into the lower level of the crypt. Davron led the group forward and triggered a trap that left him sliding nearly twenty feet down into a chamber filled with slime so deep it reached above his knees. Ramiel quickly threw a rope and Lanneus sent down his mage light. While isolated from the group Davron was attacked by an ooze. After a heroic struggle Davron was ultimately kill by the ooze. Shortly after his death the party finished off the ooze and Ramiel promptly looted Davron’s body before moving deeper into the crypt. The party advanced to the tomb of Lucanus where they found the helmet wreathed in dark purple flame. Vercien noticed a figure seemingly made of shadow that quickly melted into darkness upon the party entering the room. Vercien grabbed the helmet and the flames quickly dissipated upon contact with his hand.
Vercien, Lanneus, and Ramiel then returned to Cassius. Cassius was glad to see the helmet had been successfully obtained but then inquired as to the whereabouts of Davron. Ramiel informed him that Davron had in combat against one of the guardians of the crypt. Cassius asked for the body of the man who had served him loyally for three years, and served his father, Heinrick Shadowbane, for twelve years. Ramiel informed Cassius that the party left the body in the crypt. At this Cassius became enraged and demanded the group explain in detail the events that occurred in the crypt.



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